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Who are we?

GERIA (Expert Group on Institutional Reforms in Africa) is an African NGO. It aims to be a framework for strategic reflection aimed at proposing and building, for the benefit of the governments of public and private organizations in African States, a framework and appropriate instruments for discussion, consultation, research, training and solutions, with a view to promoting the implementation of institutional reform policies.

EGIRE invited to Morocco

Invited to participate as a panellist at the 34th edition of the Al Mouatamid Ibn Abbad Summer University, organized by The ASSILAH FORUM FOUNDATION from 07 to 11 July 2019, the GERIA Executive President met the Minister of Foreign Affairs, General Secretary of the Assilah Forum, Mr. Mohamed Benaissa.

Working stay in Senegal

Last June, GERIA's Executive Chairman traveled to Dakar, Senegal, for a working stay where he met with Mr Cheick Tidiane GADIO, Director General of the Pan-African Institute of Strategy (IPS) where there was talk of discussing on a possible partnership between GERIA and IPS as part of a transfer of experience and competence. .

Working session and meeting in Canada

From 05 to 12 May 2019, the Executive President of GERIA stayed in Quebec, Canada for working sessions and meetings. With the organization Terre Sans Frontières (TSF), whose head office is at N°399, rue des Conseillers, Bureau 23, La Prairie, (Quebec), he had a meeting with Mrs. Audrey Teasdale, Central Africa Program Manager at TSF.


Reform №001

Our monthly newsletter of information and analysis

September 2019


Commercial launching spot of GERIA

Our vision

Africans would benefit from revisiting the project that once mobilized the thinking of the Fathers of Independence, the founders of African Unity, the Ancestor of our African Union.

Like them, they should feel the urgent need to bring together a more sensitive and proactive Africa to the movement of world trade and the formation of large economic spaces.

To take a better advantage of this phenomenon since called globalization, the Expert Group on Institutional Reforms in Africa (GERIA) invites the intellectual elite, the leaders of public and private organizations as well as those of African civil society to meet, in order to put their talents and goodwill at the service of the construction of Africa.

Africa cannot give anything that is worth in dispersion. This is for our continent, a problem of survival. Get on top, or disappear, swallowed by the strongest. And to get there, unity and union are indispensable. The Romans said in their high wisdom: veil soli, woe to him who is alone.


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Activities of month


Forum on GERIA around its (3) three strategies

08:00 - 17:00 Brazzaville, Republic of the Congo